We feel great about our current offerings to the local area and art community, but we also have big plans for our project here in the woods! These plans include integrating human-made art ever deeper into the woods around us while we will tease out the artful in the wilderness. We support a continued growth towards a thriving balance of self sustainability and community growth. We will continue the conversation between art and food and even, hopefully, take it in some different directions!


Splendora Gardens will be fully self sustaining our catering and dining opportunities soon. We have a garden spot picked out; now all we need is a gardener!


The untamed wilderness at our back door is going to stay wild, but we want to be able to venture through it safely; our Paths Project starts Summer of 2018!


While our current gallery space is both historic and a beautiful place to show work, our plans include building a temperature controlled Museum space for our permanent collection and rotating shows. The current building will return to it’s originally intended purpose of being utilized as a studio for large art production and alternative private event space.


We want to share art with everyone! In this vein we are building our class roster and classroom spaces, to expand the types of learning opportunities available here.

If you are interested in helping us grow into these bigger plans in the following ways, please contact us and tell us which area of growth you are interested in participating in. We welcome enthusiasm as well as expertise, though right now we need experts to guide the enthusiastic. (While all positions are currently listed as volunteer, our goal is to grow into fully supporting our staff with both income and health care by the end of the 2020 calendar year.)


Volunteer Positions Available

  • Master Gardener

  • Land/Forestry Management

  • Grant Writer

  • Gardening Assistant

  • Promo stuffer & general paper wizard

  • Gallery Docent


Paid Opportunities

  • Teacher (Propose an art class to us!)

  • Boutique Staff

  • Catering Liaison

Splendora Gardens - Big Plans