Artist Residence Cabin

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Artist Residence Cabin loft bed view

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Come create and develop your art, music, or writing at the Splendora Gardens Artist Residency Cabin. What better place to listen to your artistic instincts and hone your craft than in the woods? Only thirty seven miles north of downtown Houston Texas, we are far from the city but close to everything!


We have a fully accessorized private cabin next to the historic Locke/Surls Studio, access to studio spaces appropriate to various media, access to all public Splendora Gardens events, and a solo exhibition of your works in our focused Corner Gallery produced during your time with us. The cabin contains a washer dryer, loft bed or floor level daybed, small kitchen with full amenities, and a combined living and eating space.


The residency is for producing artists; your time here should be dedicated to creating the work for your solo show debuting at the end of your stay. Please be self motivated and use this opportunity wisely while enjoying your time here.


This program is currently not funded and requires a non refundable application fee of $20 (for administrative processing), a monthly payment of $700 due upon receipt of your formal acceptance letter, and a deposit of $700 for potential damages incurred to the space (due upon arrival, and to be returned within 30 days of the end of an artist’s stay at Splendora Gardens). Our goal is to be funded and supporting artist’s with a stipend by the end of 2019’s calendar year. For more information on how to support that process please contact us via phone: 832-480-5452  or email:

Artist Residence Program Application Mailing Address:

Splendora Gardens

PO Box 7

Splendora, Texas  77328